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Services Offered

Financial Fraud
Combining our experience working with the IRS, the Cook County States Attorney's Office Financial Crimes Unit, and our specific education in the accounting field, Kennealy & O'Callaghan are experts in this particular arena of fraud. The National White-Collar Crime Center estimates that the annual losses from white collar crimes can range anywhere from $260 billion to $1 trillion! Clearly by these statistics we can conclude that it is difficult to avoid fraudulent transactions and asset misappropriations. Fraud can be summed up simply as trickery, and by its very nature involves deception and falsehood. Our investigators are trained to look for suspicious and improper accounting procedures. We will help you determine if fraud did occur, the extent of the monetary loss, and determine the source(s) of the fraud.
Litigation Support
Through our extensive scope of professional consulting services, Kennealy & O'Callaghan can provide assistance to attorneys involved in litigation trials. Our proven investigative techniques, combined with our background in accounting and technologies, will help you to develop accurate information and professional opinions pertinent to your case.
Insurance Fraud
Insurance fraud has been around for a long time. Ever since the beginning of insurance as a commercialized enterprise there have been people looking to take advantage of "the system". These fraudulent activities affect the lives of innocent people, both directly & indirectly. Insurance fraud poses a very significant problem but we have the solution. Kennealy & O'Callaghan has trained professionals who specialize in the detection and prevention of fraud and theft. Through various investigative and analytical procedures, our staff will help determine if fraud did occur, estimate the extent of monetary loss or damages, and determine the perpetrator.
Forensic Accounting
Far from the stereotypical accountant your mind might have initially conjured up, the forensic accounting professional is more of a private investigator with a financial sixth sense than your classic "bean counter". We have well established relationships and extensive knowledge in this field of investigation. Using our proven investigative techniques Kennealy & O'Callaghan will uncover the bottom line.
Background Investigations
Pre-employment background checks allow an employer to verify information provided by an applicant or potential employee. Studies have shown that as many as half of all applicants furnish false information on their application or resume. Kennealy & O'Callaghan will make sure they are who they say they are. Our investigators use the most current public date base records to verify facts and retrieve documents. Some of the pieces of information we research are: current & past addresses, age verifications, aliases, arrests, bankruptcy filings, criminal records, convictions, corporate ownership, Department of Motor Vehicles report, domain name ownership, judgments & tax liens, work experience, personal lawsuits, phone numbers, property ownership, professional licenses, prisoner information, & sex offender status.
Covert Operations
When you need real evidence, call Kennealy & O'Callaghan. We provide covert operations with high-tech surveillance equipment. We customize each case so you get the services that you need, whether it's a sting operation, some type of "buy", hidden camera surveillance, or traditional surveillance, we can help you. Both our internal & external resources provide our investigators with an extensive number of contacts in every area of undercover operations. These types of investigations sometimes require complicated planning and execution, this is something that our team has over 40 years experience in!
Kennealy & O'Callaghan performs surveillance for a vast array of clients. Our clientele includes insurance companies, third party administrators, attorneys, and businesses. Our investigators are experienced surveillance professionals with a proven track record in surveillance operations.
Witness Interviews
Kennealy & O'Callaghan conducts witness statements and interviews which provides clients with the needed information regarding any critical or unanswered questions. Our goal is to find the hidden keys in an individual's personality that enable our detectives to determine the truth. The foundation of any civil or criminal investigation is the ability to communicate with the witnesses. Our extensive background in law enforcement enforces our abilities to obtain complete, detailed and factual information from conducting interviews and taking statements.