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About Kennealy & O´Callaghan

Our firm has chosen to stay smaller over the years in order to provide personalized service to our clients. We feel that since the firm bears our names, we should be the ones to provide quality service and be accountable to each of you. We do maintain a group of professionals that we can call up for extra manpower for surveillance, directed forensic work, etc. when needed, but one of us always stays directly involved. We complete all types of investigations ranging from basic background checks to detailed cases such as financial investigations. We hope you take a moment to look through the site as it provides our resumes.

Kenealy and O'Callaghan

Robert Kennealy

  • 28 years experience as a Special Agent for the Internal Revenue Service (Retired)
  • 20 years experience investigating organized crime
  • 10 years as the IRS Organized Crime Strike Force Representative
  • 5 years as the IRS Undercover and Informant Coordinator
  • Graduated Lewis University with a B.A. in Accounting
  • Licensed Private Detective by the State of Illinois since 1994

Dave O´Callaghan

  • 36 years experience with the Chicago Police Department
  • Retired Chicago Police Lieutenant
  • 15 years in homicide investigation
  • 5 years experience with the Department of Justice Organized Crime Strike Force
  • 2 years with the Cook County States Attorney's Gang Crimes Office
  • 25 years in private investigation
  • 1 1/2 years working with the Cook County States Attorney's Office Financial Crimes/ Public Corruption Unit
  • Graduated St. Xavier University with a B.A. in Accounting